Transform the way you work and live.


I’m dedicated to accelerating your personal and professional growth by making the most recent neuroscience discoveries simple to understand and easy to integrate into your daily life or practice.


Tri Brain® is the applied neuroscience of revolutionary research of our three brains; head, heart, gut, that supports you to change and reshape your brains and nervous system to live a healthier, happier and more productive life.

Pathways to this approach include:


One-on-One Coaching


Experience the power of self-discovery. I’ll guide you in exploring and expanding your awareness of self and others to break habits and patterns of behavior that could be holding you back from achieving your desires, potential, or goals. I use the latest insights into how our brains function to complement and amplify the principles and practices of coaching. Expect to discover and capitalize on your natural talents; find the courage to communicate authentically and effectively; and gain clarity in designing and expressing your authentic self.




Tri-Brain® is an educational series designed for individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of self and others, reduce the impact of stress, and become more resilient and emotionally agile. Designed to be informative, engaging, and results-oriented, Tri Brain® workshops and programs introduce the most recent science of head, heart, and gut brains. Learn to increase productivity, build emotional resilience, and incorporate mindfulness into decision making and your actions.


Leader and Team Development


I take a "whole person" coaching approach to professional development. You’ll discover the ability to design and shape your professional life, rather than have it define you. I’ll work with each team member to get clear on who they are and what they value in life. I’ll act as guidance and support in discovering your authentic selves and achieving your personal and professional goals.


The TRI BRAIN® Approach

Neuroscience findings indicate that when you integrate and align your head, heart, and gut brains, you gain a distinct advantage in decision making, action-taking, and personal fulfillment.

The TRI-BRAIN® approach will teach you how these functions intersect and work together, enhancing the trilateral communication process. The results can be life-changing.


Benefits of the Tri-Brain® approach:

Professional Development

Personal Development

Harnessed Self-Awareness

Achieved Emotional Agility

Brain Health and Wellness

Reduce Stress

Build Resilience


Testimonials / What clients are saying.


Blending real-world experience and relevant science.

“She blends real-world experience as a business executive with the relevant science that explains a lot of why we do what we do. By understanding these origins and paring them with specific actions, her clients are equipped to provide better stewardship of their function and better leadership to their team. Few coaches are able to bring this holistic and valuable perspective to the table.”

— Brian W.,Vice President - Marketing Industry


Increasing awareness and turning that into action.

“Elizabeth guided me to become more present and aware and how to turn that awareness into meaningful actions. The impact of her coaching is a direct reflection of her commitment of service to others, a wealth of understanding on the science of “how” and “why” behind human behavior, combined with an affective and very personable coaching style. ”

— Chad Giddings, Vice President - Big Data Industry


Interested in applying Tri-Brain® to your coaching practice?

I offer a Tri-Brain continuing education program for coaches, health & wellness practitioners, and anyone interested in learning more about their three brains.

Contact me to learn more

TB Yoga_RGB.jpg

Science meets yoga.

Tri Brain Yoga® is an educational and experiential curriculum that is relevant to all yoga disciplines. Designed to inform yoga instructors and enthusiasts of the most recent evidence-based neuroscience of the head, heart, and gut brains, Tri Brain Yoga® supports the ancient wisdom and power of yoga as a tool to enhance human performance through the alignment and integration of these three neural networks of intelligence.