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There are over 100 billion neurons in your brain, producing 100+ trillion connections.  Elizabeth Markie has studied the neuroscience findings that apply to decision making, problem solving, emotional regulation and collaboration.  Learn more. Be more.  Schedule an appointment. 

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Elizabeth Markie is certified in the Foundations of NeuroLeadership, as a Brain Based Coach and HeartMath Resilience Trainer. She is solutions focused and will guide you to generate insights that lead to clarity in approaching and achieving your goals. Listening for potential, she facilitates productive conversation that will transform the way you live and work. 

Did you know that you have 3 brains? Neuroscience findings have identified that when you integrate and align your head, heart, and gut brains, you gain a distinct advantage in your decision making, action taking, relationships and personal fulfillment. A Conscious Business Professional taps into this full intelligence.

Are you having meaningful conversations at work? Authentic Communication has the power to build trust, integrity and establish strong relationships. This fundamental, yet often challenging skill, is critical to building engagement,  increasing productivity and innovation in the workplace. 

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Elizabeth Markie helped me to understand that there is no

one "thing"; all elements of my personality, habits and experience are all interconnected. My entire life and career changed for the better. Elizabeth set me up on a path of success that I still tread, attaining goals I would never have dreamt possible."