As a human being, your head is analyzing what you are reading and looking for the logic.

Your heart is identifying  your values, does this feel right for your beliefs and sense of self ?  

Your gut is responding to if this - is safe and whether to take action.​  

Elizabeth Markie, Brain Based & HeartMath Coach.

Neurocoaching, Brain Based Coaching, Leadership Development, Personal Development, Emotional Agility, Resilience

W​eImagine, Inc.®  is a unique boutique coaching and business consultancy

Tri Brain Workshop

co-creating a transformation in the way we work and live

Professional and Personal Development Coach, Resilience Trainer, NeuroLeadership, Brain Based Coach

​​tri brain®


There are over 100 billion neurons in your brain, producing 100+ trillion connections. NeuroCoaching is rooted in contemporary neuroscience - the study of the brain and the nervous system. Using the most recent insights into how the brain works, this approach generates new ways of thinking, learning and action taking.  Elizabeth Markie is a graduate of The Neuroscience Academy, and holds certification in the Foundations of NeuroLeadership, as a Brain Based Coach and as a HeartMath Resilience Trainer. She is solutions focused and will guide you to generate insights that lead to clarity in approaching and achieving your goals. Listening for potential, she facilitates productive conversation that will transform the way you live and work. 

​Elizabeth Markie

Elizabeth Markie, Founder of WeImagine, Inc.®, supports individuals to integrate and align their values using their logic, emotional processing and instinctual intelligence.   Using inquiry and a "tool box" of techniques, Elizabeth will guide you to think strategically while rethinking the way things get done, create trust by balancing people and business needs and find the courage to take intelligent risk with incomplete data. Elizabeth has studied the neuroscience findings that apply to decision making, problem solving, emotional regulation and collaboration. Learning more about how our brain works not only makes us smarter, but also allows us to manage and enhance our behavior. With this knowledge you will  become more efficient, productive, creative and collaborative.

Did you know that you have 3 brains? Neuroscience findings have identified that when you integrate and align your head, heart, and gut brains, you gain a distinct advantage in your decision making, action taking, relationships and personal fulfillment. Tri Brain® is an educational series designed to expand your awareness and understanding of our 3 brains. Tri Brain® workshops and programs introduce the most recent science of head, heart and gut brains. We have designed Tri Brain® to be informative, engaging and results oriented. When your head, heart and intuitive intelligences are in alignment, so is your life.