As a human being, your head is analyzing what you are reading and looking for the logic.

Your heart is identifying  your values, does this feel right for your beliefs and sense of self ?  

Your gut is responding to if this - is safe and whether to take action.​  

Elizabeth Markie, Brain Based & HeartMath Coach.

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Tri Brain ® programs, workshops and keynote presentations will change the way you think, feel, work and live. 

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You have 3 brains. Tri Brain ® is designed to deliver an experience that will change the way you think about your 

brain, heart and intuitive intelligences.

Elizabeth Markie makes the most recent neuroscience discoveries simple to understand and easy to integrate into your daily life.  You will learn how your brain functions, how your heart communicates and how your intuition guides you. Upon conclusion you will understand how to integrate your 3 brains to make better decisions, enhance your relationships and improve your well being. 

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