As a human being, your head is analyzing what you are reading and looking for the logic.

Your heart is identifying  your values, does this feel right for your beliefs and sense of self ?  

Your gut is responding to if this - is safe and whether to take action.​  

Elizabeth Markie, Brain Based & HeartMath Coach.

Grow Your Brain.  Exercise generates BDNF (brain-derived neurotropic factor), coined as "miracle growth for the brain" by Dr. John Ratey, Author of Spark, The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and The Brain.  Its production is foundational to brain wellness because when it is released into the system, it enhances brain growth and neural connections.  Our program includes an option for private coaching in yoga, strength and endurance training with one of our collaborative and certified partners. 

Train Your Brain.  Your thoughts influence your life and your health.  You will learn how your brain works so that you can begin to train your brain.  Just like building new muscle, you can improve your thinking by building new neuropathways in your brain.  Sessions are one-on-one with Elizabeth Markie, certified in brain health, as a resilience trainer and brain based coach. She will guide and support you as you gain insights and expand your ability to integrate new ways of thinking and taking action.

A Healthy Brain Approach To Wellness

Fuel Your Brain.  Digestive and nutritional health is a crucial component to healthy brain function.  The gut, known as our "second brain", influences our mood, weight, hormones, and even genetic expression.  Microbes in our intestines help to produce neurotransmitters that are needed for proper brain function. Neurotransmitters play a major role in cognitive development, psychological health, sleep patterns and our stress response.  This is not a weight loss program - although you might loose weight.  This program is designed to support healthy brain function. You will be guided by a collaborative parter of WeImagine, Inc. that is certified as a nutritional coach.

Tri Brain ® Wellness is a 3 part program providing coaching sessions with Elizabeth Markie, Founder and certified Brain Health and NeuroCoach, as well as exercise and nutritional coaching with

collaborative partners of WeImagine, Inc.®.

Tri Brain ® Wellness is a brain health coaching package offered by WeImaigne, Inc.®.  Building and maintaining a healthy brain requires cognitive and emotional agility and resilience, exercise to build BDNF (to support growing new brain cells) and an intelligent nutritional lifestyle that supports optimal

brain performance.