As a human being, your head is analyzing what you are reading and looking for the logic.

Your heart is identifying  your values, does this feel right for your beliefs and sense of self ?  

Your gut is responding to if this - is safe and whether to take action.​  

Elizabeth Markie, Brain Based & HeartMath Coach.

"...Elizabeth sees the true potential in each individual, bringing out their true character and guiding them to purpose."


Why partner with a coach? 

Because it will strengthen you. 

I will guide you through a thought provoking self-discovery process by asking powerful questions to get at the heart of what is important to you. You have the answers within you and as a coach, I am trained to listen, inspire and guide you to explore the barriers that keep you from realizing your full potential. I will support you with the resources to navigate your personal and professional life.

I feel ready, now what? 

schedule a Complimentary consultation or just call me. 

The best way for you to determine if my coaching support and style is right for you is to experience a conversation with me. You will know if I am the right coach for you by listening to your head, heart and gut. 

how many sessions are included? 

The choice is yours. 

The coaching contract is for 3, 6 or 12 months with one coaching session of 45-60 minutes per week.The coaching program is customized to best support your needs. Ideally, your support begins with one full-day of Discovery, off-site from your office, where together we will gain insights and identify your objective and goals. Thereafter, sessions are typically conducted by phone or Skype. If necessary you can always e-mail, Text message or call as "check-in" support is included in our contract. 

What about confidentiality? 

A coach is your trusted partner. 

I always abide by the ethical guidelines of professional coaching set forth by the International Coaching Federation.  All conversations are confidential and will not be revealed to any outside party without the express written permission of the client.

who hires a coach? 

anyone seeking professional or personal achievement. 

Organizations hire me to support teams and individuals in their professional and personal development.

Individuals hire me to improve their lives, relationships and general happiness.