As a human being, your head is analyzing what you are reading and looking for the logic.

Your heart is identifying  your values, does this feel right for your beliefs and sense of self ?  

Your gut is responding to if this - is safe and whether to take action.​  

Elizabeth Markie, Brain Based & HeartMath Coach.



" I bring my passion for

living fully, communicating authentically, and bringing ideas to life to our coaching relationship."


Elizabeth P. Markie serves as an experienced coach and strategic business advisor to innovative leaders. She has a passion for creating authentic engagement between leaders and teams. Having coached and educated high performing individuals, she brings keen insight and support to personal and professional development that leads to clarity, confidence and enhanced performance. 

Expressing her commitment to authentic communication, leadership, and self discovery, she holds certifications in the Foundations of NeuroLeadership, as a NeuroLeadership Institute Brain-based Coach and Brain Health certification from The Academy of Neuroscience. She is also certified as a HeartMath Resilience Trainer, Advanced Tilt365 Leadership Coach and Leadership Development Coach with the Sykes College of Business at the University of Tampa. Elizabeth supports her community as a TEDx TampaBay Board Member and on-stage host, and has served as an Adjunct Professor for the University of South Florida Entrepreneurial Program.


I have a "growth mindset" - opposed to a "fixed mindset".  As a personal development, leadership and communication coach, I thrive on sharing that mindset with others.  I have found my purpose and passion by using my natural talents and strengths, that being, engaging with others with insightful conversation that leads to deep insights and discovery. 

What led me here started in my early childhood.  I had a curiosity about everything and an intuitive sense of others.  I spent years in the hospitality industry where learning about people and identifying the needs of others was a required skill. 

I love the innovative opportunity and strategy of business and have been both an intrapreneur and entrepreneur. My curiosity allowed me to explore and excel as an intrapreneur in Sales, Operations, Market Research, Brand Integration and Brand Marketing Senior Executive Leadership roles.  I was an entrepreneur before it became a "trend" and started my first business at age 25, renovating and running historic boutique hotels for developers and assisting lending institutions to find creative ways to turn challenged real estate into revenue producing venues. I then spent 10 years serving in executive leadership positions with Hilton Worldwide. With a desire to live in balance with family and professional goals in alignment, I founded WeImagine, Inc. in 2000.   

Prior to dedicating myself to coaching, I specialized in customizing solutions for various types of businesses including commercial real estate, hospitality, manufacturing, education, technology and retail.  Solutions have ranged from strategic planning, developing training programs, identifying communication strategy, facilitating ideation sessions and more. 

I love to learn and my home is full of books. Always looking for the next challenge and working to fulfill my potential, I am fascinated and entrenched in the field of Neuroscience and sharing that knowledge with others.  Certified in Brain Health, as a Brain-based Coach and in the Foundations of NeuroLeadership, I am discovering that learning more about how our brain works not only makes us smarter, but also allows us to manage and enhance our behavior.  With this knowledge we can become more efficient, productive, creative and collaborative. I am also intrigued with the most recent science of the heart brain and obtained certification as a HeartMath™ Resilience Trainer in July 2015. This year I completed my 200 hour certification as a Yoga Instructor. With all that said, it is the relationships and sharing that I experience with other people that is my biggest and most joyful source of knowledge.  Not only do I learn more about others, I continue to learn more about myself. 

Based on personal experience, and now supported by Neuroscience, I believe that by integrating and aligning our head, heart and intuitive intelligences, we gain deeper understanding and perspective, make better decisions and express our authentic self. This in turn contributes to overall success and fulfillment.