As a human being, your head is analyzing what you are reading and looking for the logic.

Your heart is identifying  your values, does this feel right for your beliefs and sense of self ?  

Your gut is responding to if this - is safe and whether to take action.​  

Elizabeth Markie, Brain Based & HeartMath Coach.

personal & Professional development 

integration and alignment of your values, the way you lead and how you communicate. 


Elizabeth Markie supports individuals to integrate and align their values using their logic, emotional processing and instinctual intelligence.   Using inquiry and a "tool box" of techniques, Elizabeth will guide you to think strategically while rethinking the way things get done, create trust by balancing people and business needs and find the courage to take intelligent risk with incomplete data. Grounded in the belief that we bring our whole selfs to work, Elizabeth uses a "whole person" coaching approach to professional development.  You will discover the ability to design and shape your professional life, rather than have it define you.  To accomplish this, one must be clear on who they are and what they value and prioritize in life so they are living, working and communicating from a place of authenticity. Being aware is fundamental in creating a life with purpose and meaning. Elizabeth will guide and support you in discovering your authentic self and achieve your personal and professional goals.

Brain-based coaching provides a structure and process to encourage

deep insights and ones best thinking.  

the power of self-awareness

"Know thyself" Socrates.  self knowledge leads to self-improvement and clarity in designing and expressing our true self.  


Know thyself expands our capability of finding purpose and meaning in our lives. Have you ever wondered why?  What is the meaning and purpose of life and the various experiences we encounter?  Explore and examine. Why do I belief what I believe?  Feel the way I feel? Identify the impact, opportunity and  influence of the people and experiences you have encountered and interacted with that have influenced your thinking, your beliefs and behavior.  The teacher you admired, the boss you loathed, the family member you seek to emulate , the loss you experienced, the gift you discovered. Finding meaning leads to identify  purpose, passion and growth.   Together we will connect the dots and explore how your experiences influence and bring meaning to your life. 

Using the latest insights about how the brain works, Brain-based coaching translates these insights into practical application to improve ones thinking and performance. 


The permission we give ourselves to be real, consciously communicating and demonstrating our passion, purpose and priorities. 

The brain makes it possible to communicate knowledge and creative thought through language. Communicating authentically has the power to build trust, integrity and establish strong relationships. This fundamental, yet often challenging skill, is critical to building engagement, increasing productivity and innovation in the workplace. Elizabeth uses an ontological approach to encourage and guide you in communicating in a way that builds trust, alignment and respect, even when having "difficult" conversations. Discover how to capitalize on your strengths and live your potential.

emotional agility


Emotionally agile individuals are highly capable of dealing with the fast-paced, complex, and ever-changing events that take place in life and in the work place. You are emotionally agile when you have awareness of your emotions and engage your "brains braking system" which allows you to choose your response rather than to react.  Becoming aware of emotional triggers and thinking patterns that keep you on autopilot is the first step.  As a certified brain based coach,  Elizabeth will support you as your discover how to access that space between stimulus and response.

NeuroCoaching & Brain Health 

Understanding the mind and body connection enhances your leadership and life skills.  


Learning how your brain functions is the first step to enhancing your leadership and life skills. Applying that knowledge to your day to day life requires generating insights, creating new ways of thinking and establishing new behaviors. Neuroplasticity, the brains ability to reorganize and change by forming new neural connections, along with support from Elizabeth Markie will enhance your success. Guiding you to "think about your thinking", Elizabeth will educate and inform you of the most recent neuroscience and evidence based findings on how to support a healthy brain and body.  Understanding how our brain works not only makes us smarter, but also allows us to manage and enhance our behavior.  With this knowledge we can become more efficient, productive, creative and collaborative. Elizabeth specializes in assisting you to take action, integrating this knowledge into meaningful outcomes. Now that you are intrigued reach out. Learn more. Be more.